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Who is Alexis Romano?

Alexis Romano is a retired high school guidance counselor and educator of 21 years, who found passion in health and nutrition by becoming a certified health coach. Little did she know, this would empower her to become one of the top five income earners within her network marketing company (a health and wellness nutrition company that offers products focusing on weight loss, performance and energy solutions, and healthy aging).

Currently, Alexis is a seven figure income earner with her network marketing company. She is a trainer, teacher, creative business solutions creator, and lives her true passion by helping others retire from their full time careers through network marketing. Over her career, she has become the 100th Millionaire in her company, built a massive business with earnings of approximately $2 million a year, and received awards such as: Top 4 Overall Income earner, Woman of the Year in 2015, Top Business Builder, Top 4 Overall Fastest Growing Business in 2015, and No. 4 Top Platinum Business Builder for January 2016. 

In the summer of 2016, Alexis started a charity for teens called Millionaire Mindset Mansion for Teens, and leads efforts supporting a school that was built in Africa through Pencils of Promise.  In short, Alexis’s vision remains unchanged and clear — to empower men and women to take control of their health, and live their best lives by giving back and empowering younger generations in a way she always wanted to do.

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Over her lifetime, Alexis was always taught to think outside of the box and work hard. During her college years, she used to work multiple jobs from waiting tables to cleaning houses. Once she was an established guidance counselor, Alexis spent her time outside of work tutoring young students. 

Fast forward a few years, Alexis owns over 3 successful businesses, and travels the world making a difference by building schools in Africa and establishing her own charity for underprivileged teens. 

Nutritional Cleansing

It all started with nutritional cleansing for Alexis. This is the outlet that launched Alexis's journey and enabled her to retire from her teaching profession. When Alexis first launched her nutritional cleansing business, she was working full time on her career and part time on her future. Within four years, she was able to retire and design her life ever since. Many will argue that these results aren't typical, but with the right amount of effort, dedication, and systems of success, anything is possible. 

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What's a better way to learn than from people who have already done it? Humbled by her experience, and the mentors that "showed up" on her journey, Alexis makes it a point to directly mentor individuals and share her experience. Over the last few years, Alexis has mentored thousands of people and continues her coaching practice worldwide. She specializes in areas of business, systems, and culture building along with social media branding and empire development. 


Learn groundbreaking business strategies that will empower you to take immediate steps toward building your business. Each product that Alexis creates is solely focused on clearly delivering valuable information you can implement right away to see your business grow. 

"What Professionals are saying about Alexis Romano..."
Dawn Ferrentino

Nutritional Cleansing Millionaire

Alexis's Facebook system that our team has utilized has created massive results in regards to an increase my business. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to increase their sales.
                                                   Michael J. Coluzzi

Retired Attorney, 6-Figure Network Marketing Income Earner

Disorganization is the ultimate productivity killer. If you are someone who is seeking to organize your life and home-based business in a SIMPLE way that will keep you focused, on-task and organized on daily basis, then Alexis Romano’s Simple Systems are exactly what you require and deserve! I have experienced the value of the system personally and have also watched hundreds of people whom I personally know derive outstanding value from using the system. Don’t try to wing it to success, use a proven system that will keep you moving in the right direction.
LoraLee Cangialosi

MS/OTR Health & Prosperity Professional

Alexis's Simple Systems have truly given my business direction and clarity. In a consistently evolving high tech world, her tangible solutions have allowed me to hone in on the main objectives which yield action. Her visuals have enhanced my ability to consistently remain focused on the big picture at hand. All tools are extremely easy to put to use and the return on investment has been amazing. I whole heartedly recommend her systems to anyone looking for guidance on how to successfully organize and implement the daily operations requires in their business. 

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